Communication Research

Going beyond 'I like it'

Many research agencies conduct advertising and creative development research but as ex planners we do it well.

We are seen by the advertising world as being experts in ‘communications research’ and have trained the planning departments of AMVBBDO, Mother, RKCYR, DLKWLOWE, BMB, Grey and Brothers and Sisters in how to conduct and commission Communications Research more effectively.

We have a set philosophy to advertising research

  • We ‘straddle’ the world where planning meets research and take great pride in getting to the bottom of the problem.
  • We only run short groups one hour fifteen minutes max: Consumers don’t think about adverts/communications for long so we don’t put them into a ‘factory setting’ where they might over rationalise the ad.
  • We place emotions at the centre of the output.
  • We dig deep and use a number of techniques to get to the true response
  • We assess whether ideas truly have cultural impact
  • We separate the execution from the creative idea.
  • We don’t do long warm ups about life. We always hit the ground running with what consumers will see – the ads.
  • We go beyond the ‘beauty parade’ of ‘I just like it’ and delve into deeper emotional factors.
  • We use ads as stimulus to explore tone, brand, propositions, product ideas, proposition, characters and more.
  • We don’t destroy ads, instead we look at how every ad could have the light of day

Pitches. We are often called upon to conduct pitch research for agencies such as Mother, FCB Inferno, Mullen Lowe, 23Red, BMB, St Lukes and Grey. We offer, super-fast turnaround and highly discounted rates, is smart methods to unlock winning insights or showcase why a strategy is right. We have supported wins in17 out of 20 pitches we have worked on, in the last 2 years.