Cultural Insight Forum

One of Europe’s most successful Insight Forums

The world has changed: within the last year we have seen some major earthquakes: Brexit, Trump’s election and Corbyn defying the odds. What was once predictable is now more or less unforecastable.

It is vital as marketers, strategists and campaigners that we are ‘in tune’ not only with our consumers but also with cultural undercurrents, we have to not only observe and understand the mood of the nation but also learn from cultural currents

The Cultural Insight Forum was set up by the Outsiders to create discussion and debate about what is happening culturally.

We have had amazing speakers on topics such as Britishness, Why the working class voted for Brexit, Why the working class voted conservative, Anger in UK society, Diversity and Trust in UK society

Below are a selection of filmed talks from the Cultural Insight Forum.