Culture Research

Navigators of Culture

Consumers don’t consume products in a bubble; they consume them in ‘culture’- the living, breathing world that shapes their identities and the values they ascribe to brands.

‘The Outsiders’ believes that understanding the cultural context is essential to delivering the depth of insight needed to drive brands forward.

We exist for this purpose. Our insights are the lynchpin for brand solutions that are more creative and more culturally resonant.

Whereas trend forecasting can often be more miss than hit, our approach offers a more grounded way to understanding cultural trends, allowing brands to identify the opportunities that will drive equity now, and into the future.

Our role is to take companies closer than ever before to their end user and lift insights into a framework of Cultural Codes.

As ex planners and the founders of the Cultural Insights Forum, one of the biggest trends forum within Europe, we believe we have our fingers on the pulse of most issues that affect clients. However, in order to really understand the culture and context that people operate in, we have established one of the biggest networks of experts in the world that we tap into for client’s projects. Our 3000+ Oracle network includes academics, club owners, journalists, semioticians, fashion designers, authors, ethnographers, musicians, politicians, activists and artists. For clients we select the best Oracles and interview them about residual, dominant and emerging codes.